One More Pixel


We develop Interactive Social Experiences that help brands in launching their products in innovative ways in the digital ecosystem.


One More Pixel is a technological platform for the production of Interactive Social Experiences that distributes interactive contents through several social networks in innovative ways, letting your audiences dynamically participate together with your brand or business and strengthening your Marketing investment.


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    IT Simplified

    Cloud hosting, ready to meet a high demand, the client wona��t require technological infrastructure.

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    From Prototype to live in 2 weeks.

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    No more headaches

    You dona��t need to be an expert or have your own development team. Wea��ve got this.

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    Information in real time on the usage and reach of the Ad Unit.

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    Customized Experience

    Multidisciplinary team devoted exclusively to delighting and meeting our clientsa�� needs.

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    I + D

    Dozens of Focus Groups and A/B Testing in order to determine the most efficient format for each Ad Type.

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    The design is adaptable to many devices and orientations.

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    Get viral

    Share on social networks in order to maximize the campaigna��s audience.

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    Look & Feel

    Customized design for your brand.

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    Build a strong relationship with your audience and foster customer loyalty.

It doesna��t matter what the campaigna��s objectives are:


Brand positioning

Conversions generation

Digital presence maximization

Brand fans identification

Derivation from audience traffic to product sales

New products launch

Leads generation

Increasing social networks followers

Building customer loyalty


One More Pixel has a solution ideally designed for you.

The Experience

Ita��s not just about a simple ad.
Let your customers live an exclusive experience, by connecting them to your brand and product.


A different usage experience, your audience will participate in unique, significant ways with your brand. From voting for their favorite videos to discovering what product better suits their needs and tastes.


Consumers with influence, recommendations and an active social networking community. Reach a larger audience. Let your consumers share the Experience with their contacts and let the word-of-mouth do its thing.

The Interactive Social Experiences strengthen your relationship with your social community as well as with possible new followers, in simple, yet effective, ways.


We strategically plan the kind of experience that better suits your needs and target audiences.


We make the most out of the Social Networksa�� segmentation power to take your message to the right audience.


The anatomy of our Interactive Social Experiences adapts itself to several media and devices.


Our monitoring processes will allow you to analyze different results and campaigns performances.

Lines of code



Forms sent

Social Sharing

Videos Played

One More Pixel helps you out in striking a balance in the ever changing digital era. We evolve together with you to help you connect with the right audience

They trust in our work

Define your objectives
we take care of the heavy load for you.
Our objective is to strengthen the links between brands and their customers
by exploiting the benefits of the digital era.
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